When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky


Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky


Time is valuable and requesting thing by everybody. It costs us a considerable measure as once it goes never returns. It runs consistently for each minute and never remains notwithstanding for a moment. Time wrecks the individuals who demolish the time. Time and tide sit tight for none is an acclaimed adage we as a whole know which implies we ought not misfortune the time as it never remains for anybody in any condition. Lost time stays away for the indefinite future to us, so we ought to utilize it legitimately in right heading. We ought to be cognizant dependably to make the best utilization of time we have. Openings go to our way with time however don't thump the entryway unequaled. Achievement or disappointment in life relies on upon the method for utilization of the opportunity further bolstering its best good fortune. Inertness from our part may cost us intensely.

Time is valuable for us. It conveys chances to us however not generally. It is the thing which never remains for anybody and moves persistently on its track. It comes just once in somebody's life and never remains notwithstanding for a moment. It is good for the individuals who comprehend its esteem and utilize it legitimately however negative for the sit out of gear individuals who squander it or utilize it disgracefully. When it gone stays away forever simply like tide which happen in the ocean. This well-known precept 'time and tide sit tight for none' itself demonstrates its truth in every one of the circles of life.

A man, who has missed his/her prepare and needs to delay all the timetable of that day, may better comprehend the estimation of time. He/she won't miss prepare in future ever as he/she has discovered that the amount he/she has lost because of the little misstep. Time matters a considerable measure for them who are included in diligent work in any case and needed to accomplish their objective. It doesn't offer opportunity to anybody to remedy the errors of past anyway one can revise the present and in this way future too by keeping away from the slip-ups and esteeming the time.

Researchers who make innovations and find new advancements, understudies who have missed the shot of sitting in the last test of the years and individual who has missed the flight, and so on comprehend the significance of time exceptionally well. Time changes individuals' fortunes into good fortunes or misfortune as needs be he/she utilizes the time. Individuals who are sit out of gear dependably revile their destiny for not getting the things they wish. While, persevering individuals do their deals with time and accept all alone diligent work. With a specific end goal to get accomplishment in any field and accomplish objectives what we have chosen, we ought to never sit idle and should play out all the work at fitting time.

We ought to include ourselves in the diligent work with the tolerance to sit tight for the correct and good time. Achievement will come without a doubt when we have made the best utilization of time. Time values a great deal contrastingly to the general population working in various regions, for example, agriculturists need to sow trim seeds auspicious in legitimate season else they will miss the possibility for entire season. Sports people get settled time to overcome the contender and win by scoring more objectives against the adversary group. In this manner, time is valuable in each range for each work. We ought to utilize it and never squander!

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