Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river

Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river

Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river 


Like a Mountain you must be still with your ambition, determination on your goal. Your determination and ambition must be strong as a rock. Whatever you face difficulty in your life, you must be able to absorb or face it like a mountain.
You must always head to your goal like a river that will always head to the sea. Whatever difficulty comes on the way, a river would manage it in a flexible way and it always flows… So, be like the river flexible, adaptable and never give up ….
The mountains, which appear to us so colossal, are truly, contrasted with the span of the earth, just little inconsistencies on the world's surface. They have been contrasted with the wrinkles on the skin of an orange. All mountains and slopes are shaped of hard shake, else they would long back have been leveled to level fields.

The immense reaches were most likely framed when the sub­stance of the earth, which was once liquid, was cooling; however their shape and size have been greatly adjusted amid the ages by the activity of water, ice and volcanic drive.

Ruskin has called attention to that mountains are of the best conceivable use to man in three courses regarding air, water and earth. The mountains have an awesome arrangement to do with keeping the air coursing, and restoring its virtue. The snow-secured summits of high mountains reach them exceptionally frosty; and as icy air tends to sink.

It slides to the fields and swamps in cooling winds; while the hot demeanor of the fields ascends to the higher elevations to be cooled and dive refined again to the lower levels. The air can, in this way, never stay stagnant in one place, however is continually moving and being revived by the cool shakes and snows of the mountains.

Mountains, once more, are the colossal repositories of the world's new water, and are the wellspring of the waterways and streams, without which men couldn't live. They get the rain and store it up, in the accompanying way. Warm dampness loaded winds are chilled off when they blow against a grandiose mountain run, and in summer gather in rain, and in winter in snow.

All the winter, the high mountains are putting away water in the form of snow; and when the mid-year comes, a lot of this snow liquefies and pours down in deluges and floods of water to nourish the considerable streams.

A significant part of the snow, as well, dives from the larger amounts, where it never dissolves, as icy masses, which at a lower level liquefy, and are the wellspring of waterways; and a decent arrangement of the rain that falls on mountains discovers its way through fissure in the stones to underground buckles, which get to be supplies of water to encourage lasting streams.

In conclusion, mountains give the material that structures the prolific soil of the fields. The stones at abnormal states on the mountains are continually being part and broken by the extreme ice.

The frag­ments of shake fall into the valleys, and the littler ones are conveyed around the hurrying deluges, and progressively separated and rubbed and ground into sand and rock and mud.

The mountain downpours convey this sand and mud into the enormous waterways; and the streams when they are in surge store it on the land and in this manner improve it. Indeed, even a little stream will cut down huge amounts of sand and mud in one year. We subsequently owe to the mountains, outside air, new water and fruitful soil.

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